Ambient Occlusion

I just tried to implement a technique called Ambient Occlusion out of curiosity. I think the result looks pretty good for just 20 lines of extra code. The technique is simple: I just modify some vertex colors of a floor tile when there is a wall next to it.

Ambient Occlusion

The original MyWorld idea from 2006 assumed a big world where a whole bunch of players can build amazing structures together. It was meant as an experiment to see what would come out of it. This experiment has been successfully executed by Minecraft Classic, and the results are amazing. However, MyWorld was not only about building, but also a virtual economy and society. For example, automatically growing cities like in Transport Tycoon and the ability to start your own business, in combination with player-created quests.

I am very happy that Minecraft hasn’t executed all of my ideas, although the block world was very painful to see at first. Random cube-world clones keep popping up since its success. I can imagine that many people want to copy the concept. I am not simply creating a Minecraft clone, but executing my own idea in it’s own right. After all, my idea was first, long before Infiniminer. And I have proof of it.

Oemfoeland will be a completely different game, and I hope it will be at least as fun as Minecraft. Some more concepts will be explained later, like my killing system. I wonder if that turns out to be fun or not…

By the way, I am implementing this all in Java/lwjgl, just like Notch. Letting it work on almost all browsers and platforms is just brilliant.

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