Oemfoeland 5 (old)

Oemfoeland 5 level 4

Oemfoeland also exists as a 2D platform game. I made this around 2006-2007 and it works on Mac OS X (Universal Binary) and Windows. It is not completely finished, it currently lacks some more levels and a highscore screen. It does include a full featured in-game level editor. Oemfoeland 5 was written in C++ using only some SDL libraries.

You can play Oemfoeland 5 in your browser! I compiled the code to JavaScript using Emscripten.

At the Ultimate Meeting in 2007, I entered this game for the Game Competition. It has also been released on Pouet.


  • Side scrolling in four directions (left right up down)
  • Levels can be very large
  • Movable blocks with realistic physics
  • Conveyor belts
  • Wind zones
  • Secret passages
  • Full featured level editor in-game
  • Graphics are completely replaceable so you can create your own game

My plan is to include some features from this game to my 3D version of Oemfoeland which I am currently developing.


  • Jef “Oemfoe” Geskens (coding and the graphics that look like coder-art)
  • Steve “Kuroto” Gilissen (the graphics that look decent)
  • See the included readme.txt file for additional credits

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