Oemfoeland (pronounced as “oom-foo-land”) is a sandbox game based on a cube world where (almost) everything is possible. A more exact definition depends on the evolution of the game. Oemfoeland is being created by Jef Geskens in his spare time.

The idea for Oemfoeland started somewhere in 2005. In 2006, I tried some concepts in C++ and OpenGL under the name “MyWorld” but at the time I was not experienced enough in 3D programming to really create something usable from it. Here is an old archive of screenshots (especially the little house is interesting), docs and an oldĀ introduction of MyWorld. Since then, it got a little bit abandoned. When I told some people about it, they convinced me that it’s not worth the time.

Four years later, somewhere in October, I discovered Minecraft. It was really a strange experience to see a proof that a cube world can be a success. Now that I am convinced that this is a viable genre I continued my own idea.

On this blog, you can follow the latest developments on Oemfoeland.